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laylay3 ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  a) NOT KNOWnot trained or not knowing much about a particular profession or subjectlayman lay witnesses b) RRCRELIGIONnot in an official position in the church a lay preacher
Examples from the Corpus
layOn the other hand, there is the lay congregation, to whom biblical scholarship is totally unknown territory.The churches were bereft of most of their clergy and many of their most able lay members.a lay ministerAt the same time, Louis summoned a series of assemblies involving both bishops and lay nobles.To the lay observer, these technical terms are incomprehensible.The worship incorporates dreams, healing, trances, and a high degree of lay participation.In contrast, many elders - leading lay people - are politically more conservative.With his dark good looks and meticulous personal style, he made a lasting, if rather forbidding impression on lay people.A non-conformist lay preacher, he fought the November byelection.