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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMadonnaMa‧don‧na1 /məˈdɒnə $ məˈdɑː-/ noun  1 the Madonna2 [countable]RRC a picture or figure of Mary
Examples from the Corpus
MadonnaThey are trying to be Madonna at 8, running around in lace.After all, it never did the romantically fickle Madonna any harm.She s not just Madonna for us, explained a teenager in the wildly emotional Wembley crowd.In these images lie the origins of Madonna and Child.Mostly, though, it sells Madonna.The pop star Madonna, 41, is expecting her second baby.The picture has an odd formality to it, a portrait of the Madonna on death row.People don't buy a Tim Willocks book because he once slept with Madonna.