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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMethodistMeth‧o‧dist /ˈmeθədɪst/ noun [countable]  RRCsomeone who belongs to a Christian religious group that follows the ideas of John WesleyMethodist adjective a Methodist chapelMethodism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
MethodistA devout Calvinist Methodist and strict advocate of temperance, Davies became a patron of Nonconformist and other charitable and educational causes.The Primitive Methodist chapel was built in 1837 and then rebuilt on the same site in 1877.Across boundaries of North and South, Methodists were supposed to be united and interconnected through their Discipline.The Baptists, for instance, abandoned their sectarianism, and the Methodists their Anglican heritage.She had once been a warm Methodist and so too, probably, had been most of her followers.When Methodists and Baptists debated the different ways to baptize, slaves turned out to cheer for their own sides.