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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishministrymin‧is‧try /ˈmɪnəstri/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural ministries)  1 [countable]PG a government department that is responsible for one of the areas of government work, such as education or healthministry of the Ministry of Agricultureforeign/justice/finance etc ministry a Defence Ministry spokesman2 the ministry3 [countable usually singular]RRC the work done by a priest or other religious person as a result of their religious beliefs the ministry of Jesus
Examples from the Corpus
ministryThey had to attempt ministry where people on both sides had already made up their minds about slavery.A commitment to an authentic ministry of reconciliation is a radical one indeed.Eleven ministries run 18 different subsidy schemes for everything from school lunches to milk.Allen has been involved with Lutheran music ministry for more than 20 years.With our livelihood coming from food service it is necessary to find a way to integrate our work with our ministry.Thankfully, by and large, Baxter kept controversy out of his pulpit ministry.At Borderway on Tuesday county auctioneers are meeting a senior ministry official, Richard Cowan, to discuss the problems.Charges of withholding information from the public about the condition of banks and thrifts are not new to the ministry.the Ministry of AgricultureHaving failed to make this distinction they are free to give their ministry calling a higher priority than their family.foreign/justice/finance etc ministryAsbrink was a Finance Ministry official.That opinion was based on an interview Viza had with a foreign ministry official.In most central banks and finance ministries scepticism about the Tobin tax persists to this day.In Tokyo and Paris finance ministries have stepped in to push through changes.The example of state secretary Joël in the Reich Justice Ministry was typical.The hard men at the finance ministry have promised to review the austerity measures at the end of this month.Mining exports fell 1. 2 percent last month due to slower sales of copper and salt, the Finance Ministry said.