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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresbyterypres‧by‧ter‧y /ˈprezbətəri $ -teri/ noun (plural presbyteries) [countable]  1 RRCa local court or council of the Presbyterian church or the area controlled by that church2 RRCa house in which a Roman Catholic priest lives3 RRCTBBthe eastern part of a church, behind the area where the choir (=singers) sits
Examples from the Corpus
presbyteryIt says there has been difficulty in convincing both presbyteries and congregations of the need for financial planning for the future.The local presbytery agreed, but 10 area churches challenged the decision.In it the founders dissolved also their own presbytery and headed back for their model to the ideal primitive church.Holding on to the railings, he moved down the passage between the church and the presbytery.Canongate kirk session records; minutes of the presbytery of Cairston.The presbytery met in private to discuss the report, and the alleged child abuse cases in South Ronaldsay.The presbytery needed a cheerful touch, he had so often hinted at this.The presbytery there was carried out with details from his hand.