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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpsalmpsalm /sɑːm $ sɑːm, sɑːlm/ noun [countable]  RRCa song or poem praising God, especially in the Bible
Examples from the Corpus
psalmThe author of the 121st psalm has few more ardent disciples than me.Hymnody Metrical psalms are still occasionally used in Baptist churches, but hymns are the main musical items in their services.When Isabella wins a military victory she celebrates it with eleven days of psalms and the sonorous severities of priests.Other similar psalms add one extra dimension, the cry for vengeance on those who have put him there!The roots of this joy in worship can be seen in the psalms, the hymn book of the Old Testament.Brueggemann then contrasts the pit imagery with that of the wing, which also occurs in these psalms of lament.Sometimes Bone ThugsN-Harmony member FleshN-Bone comes to the fore with rhymes that could be characterized as urban psalms.I am so sick of judges writing psalms to arbitration.