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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrectoryrec‧to‧ry /ˈrektəri/ noun (plural rectories) [countable]  RRCa house where the priest of the local church livesvicarage
Examples from the Corpus
rectoryLife in a Mayfair rectory suited her very well and she had private means.I promise you, the village won't think you're one of them because you aren't in the proper rectory.In 1570 he resigned Dewsbury, having been presented to the wealthy Richmondshire rectory of Romaldkirk in 1569.The woods beyond the rectory garden consisted mainly of beech trees, very tall, as though sending their branches up to the light.The thought came to him as he stopped by the rectory to change jackets for the flag-raising program.Nor was it for Father Vic, who lived in the rectory maintained by his order in the city center.He would wait until evening and the solitude of the rectory, and the peace of his newly dug garden.Still, when the news of his passing reached the rectory the previous evening, Jim Maier had felt suddenly alone.