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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsacristysac‧ris‧ty /ˈsækrəsti/ noun (plural sacristies) [countable]  RRCa small room in a church, where holy cups and plates are kept, and where priests put on their ceremonial clothes syn vestry
Examples from the Corpus
sacristyTo check, look at the portrait by Crepsi in the northern sacristy.It is open to the public at 17.00 on Fridays and on Sunday mornings, or you can apply at the sacristy.Placed in the sacristy were three white saris with blue borders, and on them a small cross and a rosary.Martinez pointed to a dormer window that protruded from the roof of the sacristy.We were bring led through the sacristy at school on our way to the chapel.While the congregation sat waiting, Brian rummaged through the sacristy until he found some stale hosts.The father went back to the sacristy.Then, thanking him, I beat a hasty retreat to the sacristy door and knocked.