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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalvationsal‧va‧tion /sælˈveɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]  1 PREVENTsomething that prevents or saves someone or something from danger, loss, or failurebe somebody’s/something’s salvation A drug treatment program was Ron’s salvation.salvation of The Internet turned out to be the salvation of the company.2 RRCin the Christian religion, the state of being saved from evil
Examples from the Corpus
salvationNor is there any salvation in the rake's progress of perpetual devaluation.We do not take all this for granted and look for salvation to come from somewhere outside the created order.He'd been offered a second chance of salvation.The beasts of the field, pedigree or otherwise, were included by the Bible in the plan of salvation.Initially the religious innovations of Edward's reign reflected the Lutheran doctrines on salvation and the eucharist.LaLanne had added a new dimension to the diet gurus' puritanical quest for spiritual salvation through the body: exercise.Construction of the factory proved to be the salvation of the local economy.What may be their salvation, in fact, are 30 species of animals who were studied for the way they live.So he had no choice but to head west again, then north toward salvation.be somebody’s/something’s salvationThe only alternative was the Salvation Army.The monthly compensation-cheque is their ticket to salvation.They all think education is our salvation, but the smarter a nation gets, the more wars it has.Nor is there any salvation in the rake's progress of perpetual devaluation.For believers, the essential problem was personal salvation.She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.Every street is a road to salvation.There is the Salvation Army that is mentioned.