Language: Old English
Origin: sweostor


sis‧ter S1 W1 [countable]
1SSF a girl or woman who has the same parents as you [↪ brother, half-sister, step-sister]:
Janet and Abby are sisters.
He has two sisters and a brother.
older/big sister
My older sister is a nurse.
younger/little sister
Where's your little sister?
She's my twin sister.

sister paper/publication/company etc

a newspaper etc that belongs to the same group or organization:
the Daily Post's sister paper, the Liverpool Echo
3 also SisterRRC a nun:
Good morning, Sister Mary.
4 British English also SisterMN a nurse in charge of a hospital ward:
I'm feeling a bit better today, Sister.
5SS a word used by women to talk about other women and to show that they have feelings of friendship and support towards them:
We appeal to our sisters all over the world to stand by us.
6 American English spoken a way of talking to or about an African-American woman, used especially by African Americans


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