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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvicaragevic‧ar‧age /ˈvɪkərɪdʒ/ noun [countable]  RRCa house where a vicar lives
Examples from the Corpus
vicarageWhat rare objects, what richness, the attic of a vicarage must hold!There's a portrait of him in Llanberis vicarage in which he looks as irrepressible and intelligent as this action implies.Exhibitions are held there from time to time and there is an art and craft gallery in the old vicarage opposite the church.They would operate from roomy vicarages with ample grounds and were welcome guests at the highest tables in their parishes.They disliked having so young a couple in the vicarage and they made that plain.Claire Maslin was out in the vicarage garden cutting chrysanthemums.Deciding business before pleasure, she dismounted and walked up the front drive of the vicarage.She debated whether she would do the church first or the vicarage.