Language: Old English
Origin: sunnandæg


Sun‧day [uncountable and countable]
1TMC written abbreviation Sun. the day between Saturday and Monday
on Sunday
We're going to a match on Sunday.
What are you doing Sunday? American English
Sunday morning/afternoon etc
Sunday nights are usually pretty quiet.
last Sunday
It was our wedding anniversary last Sunday.
this Sunday
There's another antiques market this Sunday.
next Sunday (=Sunday of next week)
We'll announce the winners next Sunday.
a Sunday (=one of the Sundays in the year)
Finding a dentist on a Sunday can be very difficult.

your Sunday best

DCC your best clothes, worn only for special occasions or for church

Sunday driver

TTC an insulting word meaning someone who annoys other people by driving too slowly

➔ never in a month of Sundays

at month (6)

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