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advanceadvance2 ●●○ W3 verb  1 move forwardFORWARD [intransitive] to move towards someone or something, especially in a slow and determined way – used especially to talk about soldiers A line of US tanks slowly advanced.advance on Troops advanced on the rebel stronghold (=moved towards it in order to attack it).advance across/through/towards The army advanced across the plain.2 developPROGRESS [intransitive, transitive] if scientific or technical knowledge advances, or if something advances it, it develops and improves Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably. The group’s research has done much to advance our knowledge of the HIV virus.3 moneyPAY FOR [transitive] to give someone money before they have earned itadvance somebody something Will they advance you some money until you get your first paycheck?advance something to somebody I advanced $1,500 to Kramer last Thursday.4 advance your career/a cause/your interests etc5 priceINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT [intransitive] if the price or value of something advances, it increases – used especially when talking about the stock exchange6 time/dateBEFORE [transitive] formal to change the time or date when an event should happen to an earlier time or date The meeting has been advanced to ten o'clock.7 machineTMC [intransitive, transitive] formal if you advance a film, clock, musical recording etc, or if it advances, it goes forward advancing→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
advanceThe players get paid based on how far they advance.Villagers hid in the hills as the troops advanced.In early 1940 the army began to advance across France.Ten goals in nine matches since he returned from Sydney suggest that his reputation is advancing by the week.Our knowledge of the deepest parts of the ocean has advanced considerably over the last ten years.The plane slowly advanced down the runway and then paused, ready for take-off.Two possible interpretations of this effect were advanced in Chapter 5.No such argument has been advanced in the present case, and their Lordships need say nothing about it.Only once before had they advanced past the Minnesota 31.These men advanced the same arguments against Holy Trinity that conservative theologians employed against the progressive Church.Oil stocks advanced today in heavy trading.Computer technology is advancing very rapidly.advance across/through/towardsNo one should be expected to advance through life-or school-in quite the same way as anyone else.Again and again I attempted to advance towards my father.I had advanced through the ranks and held a responsible middle-management position.She advanced through the shadows less cautiously, her only fear now that there would be no one to meet her.Tickets cost £12 and are bookable in advance through the Theatre Administrator.These aims were to be advanced through the twin application of development plans and development control powers.The railway had advanced across the Urals by 1874.Tickets are $ 7 at the door or in advance through Ticketmaster, 321-1000.advance somebody somethingWill they advance you some money until your get your first paycheck?