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August in Chronology topic

AugustAu‧gust /ˈɔːɡəst $ ˈɒː-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Aug.)  TMCthe eighth month of the year, between July and Septembernext/last August I was there last August.in August My birthday’s in August.on August 6th The new store opened on August 6th.on 6th August British English He arrived at Berwick on 6th August 1823.August 6 American English We’ll expect you to call August 6.
Examples from the Corpus
AugustThe last to die was David Mason, who was sent to the gas chamber in August 1993.As Margaret Regan reported in August, the number of students at the new campus was 44 on opening day.The bomb blasts in Moscow last August remain unsolved.Trouble for the Hoovers started on a hot, late August Sunday in 1953.On the sixth day, the first of August, I was frightened.On August 27 she walked into a restaurant outside Cadiz, where Noye was dining.August 6Canonized 1234; died, August 6; feast day, August 8.The Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima at 8: 15 in the morning of August 6, 1945.She arrived at the train station, with trunk, on August 6.