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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcentenarycen‧te‧na‧ry /senˈtiːnəri $ -ˈten-, ˈsentəneri/ noun (plural centenaries) especially British English (also centennial /senˈteniəl/ especially American English) [countable]  TMCthe day or year exactly 100 years after a particular eventcentenary of a concert to mark the centenary of the composer’s birth
Examples from the Corpus
centenaryIn a society that values freedom above all, the obvious way to celebrate a centenary is just to keep driving.Please help us raise funds now so our four-legged inmates can celebrate our centenary in 1992.When Einstein's centenary came along in 1979 there was a flurry of publishing activity.An event such as a school centenary can often produce a wealth of material from the local community.I wish to produce the brochure in time for its issue to have maximum circulation and impact to ensure a successful centenary.Part of the programme included talks prepared by the cadets on the subject of the centenary.The centenary of Ivon Hitchens' birth is commemorated by several exhibitions of his work.By extreme good fortune, Blackpool can celebrate its tramway centenary with one of its original ten cars of 1885.