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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishChristmas DayˌChristmas ˈDay noun [uncountable]  TMCDecember 25th, the day when most Christians celebrate the birth of Christ I always spend Christmas Day with my family.
Examples from the Corpus
Christmas DayMatthew had been very quiet all Christmas Day, and he had dark rings under his eyes.Clinton will make similar calls on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they added.His death came on Christmas Day, 1875, three months after his wife, Margaret, and baby died in childbirth.His first wife christened Emily, affectionately and universally known as Pem died on Christmas Day 1988 after 53 years happy marriage.So on Christmas Day I found myself flying with Farris.On Christmas Day little Anne looked lonely.Legislation to outlaw Christmas Day trading looks set to be in place in time for this year's festive period.Part of me did die on that Christmas Day.