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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_048_dclockclock1 /klɒk $ klɑːk/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 TMCan instrument that shows what time it is, in a room or outside on a building I heard the clock strike six (=make six loud sounds). The station clock was ten minutes slow (=showed a time ten minutes earlier than the real time).by the hall/kitchen/church etc clock (=according to a particular clock) What time is it by the kitchen clock? watch the clock at watch1(8)2 around the clock3 put/turn the clock back4 put the clock(s) back/forward5 the clocks go back/forward6 against the clock7 twenty-four hour clock8 start/stop the clock9 the clock is ticking10 the clock11 run out the clock/kill the clock biological clock, body clock, dandelion clock, time clockCOLLOCATIONSverbslook/glance at the clockShe looked at the clock. It was eight thirty.the clock says eight/nine etc (=shows a particular time)The clock said five so I went back to sleep.a clock strikes eight/nine etc (=makes eight/nine etc sounds according to the hour)In the distance I heard a church clock strike eleven.a clock ticks (=makes regular quiet sounds that show it is working)There was no sound in the room apart from a clock ticking.a clock is fast/slow (=shows a later or earlier time than the real time)There’s no need to hurry – that clock’s fast.a clock stops (=stops working)My clock had stopped at 6 am so the alarm didn’t work.an alarm clock goes off (=rings at a particular time)What time do you want the alarm clock to go off tomorrow?set a clock (=make it say the right time)Don’t forget to set your clocks to summer time.wind (up) a clock (=turn a key to keep it working)It was one of those old clocks that you have to wind up.phrasesthe hands of/on a clock (=the long thin pieces that point at the numbers)The hands on the clock said ten past two.the face of a clock/the clock face (=the front part that you look at)I couldn’t see the clock face from where I was sitting.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + clockthe kitchen/sitting-room etc clockHarry glanced at the kitchen clock and saw that he was late.an alarm clock (=that makes a noise to wake you up)He forgot to set his alarm clock.a wall clock (=that hangs on a wall)A loud ticking came from the wall clock. a grandfather clock (=an old-style tall clock that stands on the floor)Where did you get that beautiful grandfather clock?a digital clock (=that shows the time as numbers that keep changing)A digital clock at the finish line shows runners their times.a travel/travelling clock (=a small one for taking on journeys)a cuckoo clock (=a clock with a wooden bird inside that comes out every hour and makes a sound)a church clock (=one on the outside of a church tower)a carriage clock British English (=a clock inside a glass case with a handle on top)COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘the clock shows five o’clock’. Say the clock says five o’clock.
Examples from the Corpus
clockIn essence, fire is networked to a clock.He covered her with a blanket and set the alarm clock to ring in an hour, wrapping it in a towel.It has volleyball, softball, concerts, and art shows around the clock.As the clock struck twelve, the Judge placed the black hat on his head.He would drift off to sleep again, only to wake and look at the clock.The clock probably came from elsewhere in London.Two garden seats went at £155; a Vienna wall clock made £190 and a school clock £90.