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datedate2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb  1 write date [transitive]TMCTIME THAT IS PLANNED to write or print the date on something a newspaper dated November 23,1963 Make sure you sign and date it at the bottom.2 find age [transitive]FIND OUT to find out when something old was made or formed The rocks are dated by examining the fossils found in the same layer. radiocarbon dating3 old-fashioned [intransitive]OLD-FASHIONED if clothing, art etc dates, it begins to look old-fashioned His designs are so classic, they’ve hardly dated at all. dated4 relationship [intransitive, transitive] American EnglishRELATIONSHIP to have a romantic relationship with someone syn go out with Is he still dating Sarah? Are Chris and Liz dating?5 show somebody’s age [transitive]OLD/NOT NEW if something that you say, do, or wear dates you, it shows that you are fairly old Yes, I remember the Moon landings – that dates me, doesn’t it? date from something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dateThe corresponding language of the guarantee and debenture dated 6 June 1985 is somewhat different.How long have Paul and Sue been dating?What is a man his age doing dating a 17-year-old?Certain styles of music will never date, and will always be popular.His furniture designs have hardly dated at all.In this way, the felling date for that piece of timber can usually be dated to within a year.This free-scrolling handle, dating from about 1740, was known as a flying scroll handle.She was in violation of some deal they had which dated from the moment they agreed to combine households.His first publications date from work carried out there.The internal memo, dated November 13, was from Watkins.The Los Angeles Times is not responsible for changes in prices, dates or itineraries.I thought we were just friends, but when I started dating other men, he suddenly got really jealous.Oh, I forgot to date the check.Scientists have not yet dated the human remains found at these megalithic sites.The trouble with high fashion clothes is that they date very quickly.