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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeastfeast1 /fiːst/ ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 MEALa large meal where a lot of people celebrate a special occasion β†’ banquet πŸ”Š a wedding feast πŸ”Š The king promised to hold a great feast for all his people.2 MEALa very good large meal πŸ”Š all the ingredients for a spaghetti feastmidnight feast (=a meal eaten secretly at night by children)3 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingan occasion when there are a lot of enjoyable things to see or dofeast for πŸ”Š Next week’s film festival should be a real feast for cinema-goers. πŸ”Š The play is also a visual feast.4 RRTMCa day or period when there is a religious celebration πŸ”Š the feast day of St. Francis β†’ movable feastCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a feastWe decided to have a feast to celebrate the victory.give a feastHe gave a feast to which all the villagers were invited.hold a feast (=arrange for a feast to take place)The feast was held in the college dining hall.prepare a feastA catering company was hired to prepare the feast.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + feasta great feast (=a large and impressive feast)A great feast took place at the palace.a wedding/marriage feastThis dish is traditionally served at wedding feasts.
Examples from the Corpus
feastβ€’ Canonized 1729; feast day, May 16.β€’ a Thanksgiving Day feastβ€’ The Christmas celebrations in Fiji are rounded off by a huge feast on Christmas Day.β€’ The last day of Kwanzaa is marked by a lavish feast.β€’ On Tuesdays the restaurant offers a prime rib feast.β€’ Chefs Kuni and Yasu, both chatty artists, carve edible canvasses that are spectacular feasts for the eyes.β€’ Come down Daniel to the lions' den, Come down Daniel and join in the feast.β€’ Their clothes were aromatic with the feast they had been preparing.β€’ He said the date was chosen to coincide with the feast of St Teresa of Lisieux, patron saint of the missions.β€’ Here was the connubial complement to Miss Havisham's wedding feast but without the cobwebs.β€’ There were over sixty guests at the wedding feast.β€’ The welcome feast had made them as sick as volcanoes.hold ... feastβ€’ Very soon now they will be ready and then I mean to hold a great feast for all my people.midnight feastβ€’ Let's have a midnight feast tonight, she said: a secret party.β€’ Big Ronnie was up and about and having a midnight feast.β€’ When it is time to eat, pretend it is a midnight feast and have the food in one of the bedrooms.feast forβ€’ The wonderful, detailed illustrations are a feast for the eyes.feast dayβ€’ Canonized 1228; feast day, October 4.β€’ Canonized 1767; feast day, February 8.β€’ Canonized 1934; feast day, March 15.β€’ Canonized 372; feast day, April 12.β€’ Hence, the blessing of bread on her feast day.β€’ On feast days such as Passover, thousands of offerings were made.β€’ It was generally held on or about the feast day of the patron saint to whom the church was dedicated.