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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFebruaryFeb‧ru‧a‧ry /ˈfebruəri, ˈfebjʊri $ ˈfebjueri/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Feb.)  TMCthe second month of the year, between January and Marchnext/last February Mum died last February.in February We can do it in February.on February 6th She was allowed home on February 6th.on 6th February British English Francis was born on 6th February 1928.February 6 American English I finally arrived February 6.
Examples from the Corpus
FebruaryBut after February, which got off to a rousing start this weekend, the playoffs may be mathematically impossible.He was seized on January 17, and by February 6 was in Moscow as a prisoner of war.Jim Ross was on the scene very late in the day, arriving in February 1970.Kyle was suspended with pay in February as part of the VitaPro contract investigation.In February 1994, the investigation was broadened to other Symington business deals.In February 1995, the funds were selling at 11 percent discounts to their NAVs.Eric's new job starts on February 4.The progressive February 1999 National Working People's convention resolutions were all but forgotten.Since February, the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond has risen to nearly 7 percent from less than 6 percent.February 6Even better deals can be had. February 6, 12 and 17 are half-price days.Now the State Department decided to reverse its tactics, and on February 6 it went completely public.On February 6 the group presented to college president Buell Gallagher a set of five demands.On February 6, 1958, Gregg saw many friends and team-mates die in that fateful crash which stunned the nation.