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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_145_dhandhand1 /hænd/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 part of body [countable]HBH the part of your body at the end of your arm, including your fingers and thumb, that you use to hold things Steve gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands. In her hand was a tattered old photograph.2 a hand3 control [singular, uncountable] control, power, or influence that someone has The president has strengthened the hand of the gun lobby. This matter is too important to be left in the hands of (=in the control of) an inexperienced lawyer. a manager with a firm hand (=who controls things strictly)4 get out of hand5 on the other hand6 hands off7 in hand8 in the hands of somebody/in somebody’s hands9 hands up10 at hand11 to hand12 on hand13 by hand14 (at) first hand15 (at) second/third/fourth hand16 at the hands of somebody17 get your hands on something18 lay your hands on something19 come to hand20 get your hands on somebody21 have a hand in something22 hand in hand23 have something/somebody on your hands24 be off your hands25 try your hand at (doing) something26 turn your hand to (doing) something27 out of hand28 hands down29 have your hands full30 good with your hands31 on either/every hand32 get your hands dirty33 keep your hand in34 hand in glove35 hand over fist36 a big hand37 all hands on deck38 the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing39 worker [countable]WORKER someone who does physical work on a farm, factory, ship etc farm hands40 cards [countable] a) DGCthe playing cards given to one person in a game a winning hand b) DGCa single game of cards41 watch.jpg clock [countable]TMC a long thin piece of metal that points at the numbers on a clockhour/minute/second hand 42 writing [singular] old-fashionedMP someone’s handwriting43 somebody’s hands are tied44 tie/bind somebody hand and foot45 can do something with one hand (tied) behind your back46 not do a hand’s turn47 somebody’s hand (in marriage)48 horse [countable]DSH a unit for measuring the height of a horse, equal to about ten centimetres cash-in-hand, freehand, hands-on, left-hand, right-hand, → be an old hand (at something) at old(17), → bite the hand that feeds you at bite1(15), → have blood on your hands at blood1(2), → have your hands/fingers in the till at till2(3), → force somebody’s hand at force2(7), → overplay your hand at overplay(2), → shake somebody’s hand/shake hands with somebody at shake1(4), → wash your hands of something at wash1(5)COLLOCATIONSadjectivessomebody’s right/left handShe held the book in her right hand.somebody’s free hand (=the hand someone is not already using)Amy was stroking the dog with her free hand.a gloved hand (=covered with a glove)He stretched out a gloved hand.an outstretched hand (=stretched out towards someone or something)She took her father’s outstretched hand and began to walk from the room.somebody’s cupped hand (=in the shape of a cup)Hamil shook the dice in his cupped hand.verbswave your handMarta waved a hand to attract his attention.clap your handsThey were singing and clapping their hands.wash your handsGo wash your hands before dinner.hold hands (with somebody)Joanne and Kevin held hands on the sofa.shake somebody’s hand (also shake hands with somebody)‘Nice to meet you, ’ he said, as they shook hands.take somebody’s hand (=hold someone’s hand)He reached across the table and took her hand in his.take somebody by the hand (=hold someone’s hand in order to take them somewhere)She took the boy by the hand and led him across the street.join hands (=take hold of the hands of people on either side of you)They stood in a circle and joined hands.clasp your hands (=hold them together tightly)Emily clasped her hands together and stood there nervously.fold your hands (=put your hands together and rest them on something)Lily folded both hands on her stomach.raise your hand (also put your hand up) (=lift your hand, especially when you want to ask or answer a question)If you know the answer, raise your hand.somebody’s hands shake/trembleHis hands trembled as he lifted the cup.somebody’s hand holds somethingHis other hand was holding his mobile phone.somebody’s hand touches somethingDaniel’s hand touched mine.somebody’s hand grips something (=hold something firmly)Her hands gripped the steering wheel very tightly.somebody’s hand grabs/grasps something (=take and hold something firmly)He felt Connor’s hand grasp his shoulder.somebody’s hand tightensHer hand tightened on the knife handle.nounsa hand movementThe disease means she has trouble controlling her hand movements. a hand gesture/signal (=a movement of your hand to show what you mean)He made a rude hand gesture at the other driver.phrasesin somebody’s handHe had a suitcase in his hand.on your hands and knees (=in a crawling position)They got down on their hands and knees to search.the palm of your hand (=the inside surface of your hand)The phone could fit into the palm of his hand.the back of your hand (=the outside surface of your hand)Let a dog sniff the back of your hand, rather than your fingers.with your bare hands (=without using a tool, weapon, machine etc)With his bare hands he forced the doors apart.
Examples from the Corpus
handSome one, I thought with illumination, who knew how easily Olympia had died from hands round the neck.She covers her face with her hand.a hired handMy father looked at the wall, looked at his hands.It was a lazy, almost careless gesture; only Caroline knew that the pressure of his hand was remorseless and proprietorial.the hour handThe letter was written in a neat hand.We played a couple of hands of poker.Even the town crier of nearby Faringdon was on hand to give an official reception.The core, on the other hand, consists of divine goodness.The distinction between agreements under hand and covenants under seal has been largely obliterated.Go wash your hands.a firm handIn other respects careful management and a firm hand pushed up the royal income.In fact, a firm hand might have steered the team on the rocks.When Barkley Ball was at its peak, there was little need for a firm hand.Active kids need a firm hand.Lizzy would need a firm hand after this.You see, children want a firm hand.Many of them placed their cross opposite her name unhesitatingly, and with a firm hand, for an entire decade.Since then, he has run meetings with a firm hand.Although he runs the operation with a firm hand, the Steelers are more like a family than any other team.hour/minute/second handAll second hand furniture should be fitted with a safety label like this.Each minute hand is 12 feet 7 inches long; each hour hand is almost 10 feet long.Eloise opened the glass case and adjusted the minute hand until both golden hands were on the twelve numeral.As the second hand slid into place the car was there, the insect-faced lieutenant still on his own.Imagine a straight line half way between the hour hand and the figure 12 on the watch.Even the second hand lies motionless.He slipped it from his wrist and wound the minute hand forward.The second hand had its own dial at the bottom of the face.