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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishman-hourˈman-hour noun [countable]  TMCWORK/DO WORKthe amount of work done by one person in one hour The main structure takes only about 40 man-hours to erect.
Examples from the Corpus
man-hourIt took 18,000 man-hours to repair a complete Whitley.They estimate it will take them 20,000 man-hours to get the aircraft flying and ready for the round-the-world trip.In the late 1960's, a Volkswagen car took 19 man-hours to build, thanks largely to semi-automatic aids.Last year, the Police Department spent about 70 man-hours responding to alarm calls.The cost is more than made up for by the fact that virtually no man-hours are lost through strike action.By now, many hundreds of man-hours had been put into the Packard Merlin and much had still to be done.Hundreds of man-hours had gone into its compilation - all for nothing.Surrounding them in vaulted stone and glass, wood and gorgeous cloth, were millions of man-hours of work.