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March in Chronology topic

MarchMarch ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Mar.)  TMCthe third month of the year, between February and Aprilnext/last March She started work here last March.in March The theatre opened in March 2001.on March 6th There’s a meeting on March 6th.on 6th March British English I wrote to my bank on 6th March.March 6 American English The hospital is scheduled to open March 6.
Examples from the Corpus
MarchFriday, 20 March more discussion with the experienced program design group.Following a general strike and calls for his resignation, the President was arrested on 26 March by fellow army officers.This compares to approximately 35 % in March, 1998.Romiti will become chairman of Fiat when Gianni Agnelli resigns in March.Bogard was arrested in January 1994 and convicted last March.The cost: $ 995 for two people for two nights, or $ 695 for one night, through March 3.March 6Kirk Session minute book commencing March 6, 1823; all regularly kept from respective dates.It is supposed to issue its conclusion on March 6.They met for four hours at an airplane hangar in Phoenix on March 6 to start the negotiations.So, on March 6, 1946, a clash had been prevented.Since the resumption of the hunger strike on March 6, striking detainees are being moved and separated.On March 6, 8,500 maintenance workers also went on strike, supported by the pilots.They expect to vote on the recommendation March 6.