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May in Chronology topic

MayMay ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable, uncountable]  TMCthe fifth month of the year, between April and Junenext/last May She started work here last May.in May The theatre opened in May.on May 6th We don’t have any meetings on May 6th, do we?on 6th May British English An agreement was signed on 6th May 1977.May 6 American English Michael’s getting married May 6.
Examples from the Corpus
MayKaczynski was born May 22,1942, in the quiet Chicago suburb of Evergreen Park.All entries must be postmarked by May 1.Because of the budget stalemate, the $ 175 million only became available in May, Lockhart said.Last May, he said, she erected an altar to witchcraft on his dresser.The park, a short drive south of downtown, is open from late May to early October.The violence on May Day was the direct and predictable result of the absence of boundaries and the abdication of responsibility.May 6This year's selected events are: May 6, Feltham Puffers 24-hour.During May 6 Dixon met with leaders of the Hispanic community and acknowledged many of their grievances.Interview, May 6, 1990, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 8.Schwab initially will offer three types of insurance products to California customers starting May 6.The case was adjourned to May 6 for reports.The case before Barnard Castle magistrates has been adjourned until May 6.