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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnightfallnight‧fall /ˈnaɪtfɔːl $ -fɒːl/ noun [uncountable] old-fashioned  TMCthe time when it begins to get dark in the evening syn dusk Don’t worry, we’ll be back by nightfall.
Examples from the Corpus
nightfallA few scattered lights burned on the ridge of low hills as he arrived in the cove, long after nightfall.Nothing can shake the Federals, who, at nightfall, valiantly led by Gen.The heartfelt promises of the morning are frequently broken by nightfall.But by nightfall on June 11 she was moved into a room with two men.Since we had to be on the ship by nightfall, we set off from there in the gray chilly afternoon.There is a slight chance of showers by nightfall.By nightfall all the rifle companies had been over-run; some sections, and platoons from these companies extricated themselves at nightfall.By nightfall he believed he was 30 miles from Lubeck, so next morning he headed for the port along with workpeople.A raven protected the holy corpse from predators until nightfall, when his fellow Christians were able to retrieve his body.