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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperiodicpe‧ri‧od‧ic /ˌpɪəriˈɒdɪk◂ $ -ˌpɪriˈɑː-/ ●○○ AWL (also periodical) adjective [only before noun]  TMCSOMETIMEShappening a number of times, usually at regular times periodic home visits by nursesperiodically /-kli/ adverb Teachers meet periodically to discuss progress.
Examples from the Corpus
periodicShe suffered periodic bouts of depression.periodic crop failuresPeriodic failures of the olive crop kept the country in constant debt.The black color comes from the periodic fires that burned naturally in the Everglades during droughts.This may be accomplished by periodic formal physical therapy sessions backed up by daily home exercises.The Grizzlies got periodic hoops to keep their stat man busy, but that was about it.Some were no doubt replacements for periodic meetings at pagan sites or in cemeteries with crosses.Private enterprise and initiative would replace the stultifying effect of joint responsibility and periodic redistribution of land.Such items are obviously subject to wear and require periodic replacement.The budget is subject to periodic review.That there should be, at the least, periodic review.This almost exactly matches up with the periodic variation present in the Mercury-transit data.