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secondsecond2 ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 [countable]TMC a unit for measuring time. There are 60 seconds in a minute Hold your breath for six seconds. The operation takes only 30 seconds. Ultrasonic waves travel at around 300 metres per second.within seconds (=after only a few seconds) Within seconds, Bev called back.2 [countable]SHORT TIME a very short period of time I’ll be back in a second. Just a second (=wait a moment), I’ll come and help. At least 30 shots were fired in a matter of seconds (=in a very short time). split second3 (at) any second (now)4 seconds5 [countable] technical one of the 60 parts into which a minute of an angle is divided. It can be shown as a symbol after a number. For example, 78° 52′ 11″ means 78 degrees 52 minutes 11 seconds.6 [countable]FIGHT someone who helps someone in a fight, especially in boxing or, in the past, a duel7 [uncountable] American English informal second base
Examples from the Corpus
secondA second, then third decimation began.Well, first of all, it's too expensive and second, we don't have anywhere to put it.He is not paid £20 million a year to come second.Ruth understood why in that tender, desperate second.Another forecaster places it second, and two others pick it to tie for runner-up.Left fielder Mark Whiten reached out and poked a tailing fastball over the left-field wall in the second.The second was a glass dome, the size of a man, and a little taller than our hero.per secondThe same connection could also carry 640,000 bits per second from the user to the Internet.The extensions support transfer modes of up to 66M-bytes per second or 133M-bytes per second for bus master expansion boards.Each one of those pulses has a carrier frequency of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of cycles per second.Bat cries, as we have seen, have a pulse-repetition rate in the tens or hundreds per second.For Deimos, in its higher orbit, only 560 meters per second suffices to escape from the Mars system.A gun is known to fire bullets at precisely three hundred and thirty meters per second.Cortical neurons are often silent-George often sees human temporal lobe neurons that respond at rates slower than once per second.Good powder skiers turn at a rate of about one turn per second.Just a secondYou wan na talk to her? Just a second.