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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtodayto‧day1 /təˈdeɪ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 TMCNOWon the day that is happening nowyesterday, tomorrow I couldn’t go shopping yesterday so I’ll have to go today. Ed has his music lesson today.a week from today (also today week/a week today British English) We’re going on holiday today week.2 NOWat the present time Students today seem to know very little about geography.
Examples from the Corpus
todayOne might at least look to the best examples there may be today.The imaginative subject - these are the subjects I find most often given in school today.The cost to install solar panels has dropped from $20 a watt in 1980 to as little as $5 today.What did you do today?Makes him look more sexy, thought Juliet, and wondered what had come over her today.Couples today are much more likely to marry in their 30s.The same Oak Tree pub today doesn't seem to have many more companions.Kids today just don't understand the value of money.Today, only a few of these beautiful animals survive.Well, we are all concerned with recycling today - or are we ...?Today she and Charlie are driving to the beach.But today the walk was just something to be accomplished as soon as possible.Accurate planetary observations being collected today will in time lead to more stringent tests for a tenth planet.a week from todayIn Drayton, a crest of 32-33 feet is expected a week from today.That news is scheduled for a week from today.Look for it to hit cosmetic counters a week from today, priced at $ 47. 50 and up.