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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwilighttwi‧light /ˈtwaɪlaɪt/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]DNLIGHT the small amount of light in the sky as the day endsin the twilight The end of the cigarette glowed in the twilight.2 [uncountable]TMC the time when day is just starting to become night syn duskat twilight romantic walks along the beach at twilight3 [singular]OLD/NOT YOUNG the period just before the end of the most active part of someone’s lifetwilight of in the twilight of her acting career Depression in the twilight years (=the last years of your life) is usually related to illness.4 twilight world
Examples from the Corpus
twilightThe inescapable presence of doubt is a constant reminder of our responsibility to truth in a twilight world of truth and half-truth.Theirs was a twilight world of hushed voices, concealed books and illegal exhibitions.It was almost twilight when they tied up at the Angle Inlet boatyard.The sun is never visible; it is eternal twilight.Why demand attention now, when the Bulls are in what should be a glorious twilight?These women dwelt in a land where all was dim and shrouded in twilight.In the twilight and without my glasses, I couldn't really tell.The twilight sky was lavender and dark enough that Venus was out, hung above a freshly minted sickle moon.We stayed outside till twilight.in the twilightBoth looked eerie in the twilight.The hermeneutics of the cross ought to lead us to quite different theological conclusions about living faithfully in the twilight of modernity.The end glowed in the twilight.It had come again this night, glazing over the hills in the twilight.The other is in the twilight of a memorable run.She could barely make out the figure of a man in the twilight.I wish I could stay in the twilight and never have to move, never have to talk to anyone.I know she likes the blossoms of the apple trees in the twilight, but they are long gone.It is because at this time the warning light is more easily visible in the twilight than in the daylight.twilight ofthe twilight of the Victorian age