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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishWednesdayWednes‧day /ˈwenzdi, -deɪ/ ●●● S2 W2 (written abbreviation Wed. or Weds) noun [countable, uncountable]  TMCthe day between Tuesday and Thursdayon Wednesday The sale starts on Wednesday. We can go Wednesday. American EnglishWednesday morning/afternoon etc I saw Vicky on Wednesday evening.last Wednesday They left last Wednesday.this Wednesday Come down this Wednesday.next Wednesday (=Wednesday of next week) I can let you know next Wednesday.a Wednesday (=one of the Wednesdays in the year) ‘Are you free on the 19th?’ ‘Is that a Wednesday?’
Examples from the Corpus
WednesdayDaniels' last visit to the training room was at 6: 30 Wednesday evening.The wildlife office was called Wednesday morning after some one finally went to inspect and partially opened the gruesome package.It's expected to crest at just under 8 feet Wednesday in Hillsboro.In a hearing Wednesday afternoon before a federal magistrate, he waived his right to an attorney.A loss at home Wednesday would send Colorado back to Dallas for the deciding match.Jane comes home Wednesday.On Wednesday the police moved from violence to mass arrests.Clinton said yesterday negotiations would resume no later than Wednesday.next WednesdayRuns today through Sunday, and next Wednesday through Sunday.And next Wednesday sees probably the biggest and most cosmopolitan trade wine show ever staged in the province.We figure that will occur, oh, by next Wednesday.I'll be in California next Wednesday.They have said they expect to bring additional charges after a federal grand jury meets next Wednesday to review the evidence.The funding will be announced in Newcastle next Wednesday.A two-thirds majority is needed in each house of the General Synod when voting takes place next Wednesday.The staff picture will be taken next Wednesday.Clinton said yesterday negotiations would resume no later than next Wednesday.