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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweekdayweek‧day /ˈwiːkdeɪ/ noun [countable]  TMCany day of the week except Saturday and Sunday
Examples from the Corpus
weekdayThird door: Can you come back on a weekday?They see him every weekday morning drinking coffee at Las Palmas Restaurant after taking his 15-year-old daughter to school.Carlton which took over the London weekday franchise from Thames, already owns 20 percent of Central.At this meeting are Radio 1's daytime producers and a chairperson who is usually the executive producer of weekday daytime shows.He averages 70 covers on weekdays and doubles that number on weekends.A visit to the ancient ruins, especially on a quiet weekday, comes close to a religious experience.There are professionals feasting on rare weekday picnics of wine and poultry and biscuits.