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defectdefect2 /dɪˈfekt/ verb [intransitive]  PGCto leave your own country or group in order to go to or join an opposing onedefect to/from a Russian actor who defected to the Westdefector noun [countable]defection /dɪˈfekʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
defectTemptation to defect, 5 points.At least one count in this region, Odulf, had already defected.They were paying him for defecting, for answering questions about his military service.Home Secretary Jack Straw's record would be reason enough to defect from Labour.Two Conservatives have recently defected from the party, whose majority has dwindled to five in Parliament.Almost every Republican woman I know also defected in both elections.Who had persuaded the other to defect, to betray his fundamental principles in the name of personal loyalty?If I am to live, I must defect with my aircraft.defect to/fromNot until the years of fast industrialization and construction were these defects to be remedied.Companies learn about defects from consumer complaints, liability lawsuits and their own testing.Our employees defected to Drexel at an alarming rate.He defects to the Soviet Union.The Confederates considered the large numbers of blacks who defected to the Union to fight against their former masters as criminals.