i‧den‧ti‧fi‧ca‧tion [uncountable]
1PGC ID official papers or cards, such as your passport, that prove who you are:
Do you have any identification?
form/proof of identification
Bring some form of identification, preferably a passport.
fingerprinting as a means of identification.
2 when someone says officially that they know who someone else is, especially a criminal or a dead person:
His body was taken to Brighton mortuary for identification.
3 when you recognize something or discover exactly what it is
identification of
the identification of customer needs
the identification of children who need professional help
4 the act of saying that two things are very closely related
identification of something with something
the identification of sexism with women's oppression
5 a strong feeling of sympathy with someone that makes you able to share their feelings
identification with
my identification with the heroine of the book


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