im‧mi‧gra‧tion [uncountable]
1PGC the process of entering another country in order to live there permanently [↪ emigration]:
He called for a common European policy on immigration.
2PGC the total number of people who immigrate:
Immigration fell in the 1980s.
3 also immigration controlPGCTT the place at an airport, sea port etc where officials check the documents of everyone entering the country
WORD FOCUS: airport WORD FOCUS: airport
what you do at the airport:When you arrive at the airport, you go into the terminal building. You check in for your flight at the check-in desk. You show your passport at passport control and then go through security, where they check that you are not carrying any weapons. If you have time you can wait for your flight in the departure lounge. When your flight is called, you go through the departure gate in order to get onto the plane. The plane then takes off from the runway. After your plane has landed, you go to the baggage reclaim to collect your bags, then go through customs and immigration, where they check your passport and your bags. You then go out into the arrivals area.

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