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nationalnational2 noun [countable]  PGCsomeone who is a citizen of a particular country but is living in another countryalien, citizen, subject Foreign nationals were advised to leave the country.French/EU/Japanese etc national Turkish nationals who are living in the UK
Examples from the Corpus
nationalDuring the war, foreign nationals were forced to leave the country.About 4000 French nationals live in Zaire.There are many Russian nationals living in Frankfurt.But the nationals quickly expanded: they overtook the provincials in 1923 and by 1945 sold almost twice as many copies.But they can still be loan-tied, which means the nationals will still effectively control these outlets.There should be pre-qualifying tournaments around the country before they come to the nationals.The nationals control the bulk of production.A residence requirement applying without discrimination to nationals and nationals of other member states was held in Robert Fearon & Co.