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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-residentˌnon-ˈresident noun [countable]  1 PGCLIVE SOMEWHERE#someone who does not live permanently in a particular country or area A lot of houses in the area are being bought by non-residents.2 DLT British English someone who is not staying in a particular hotel The hotel restaurant is open to non-residents.non-resident adjective
Examples from the Corpus
non-residentThis market constitutes the Eurocurrency market plus deposits in domestic and foreign currency held by non-residents.Annual parking permits will be available at £10 for Richmondshire residents and £50 for non-residents.Admission for non-residents is $ 14. 95, $ 9. 45 for children ages four to 11.Within each quarter there are selected road closures and some one-way streets, making journeys even more circuitous for non-residents.For non-residents, other than the nobly born and well connected, it is less informative.Fagg and Blenkinsop gossip and doze, sometimes joined by Fishbane, and the occasional non-resident looks in for afternoon tea.But the same rates of interest should not necessarily be paid to non-residents and residents alike.In August the Moscow authorities restricted the sale to non-residents of scarce goods, following similar decisions in other cities.