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registerregister2 ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb  1 on a list [intransitive, transitive]PGCLIST to put someone’s or something’s name on an official list The tanker is registered in Rotterdam.register for How many students have registered for English classes?register with You must bring your insurance card with you when you register with a dentist or doctor.register a birth/death/marriage The baby’s birth was registered this morning.be registered (as) unemployed/disabled etc British English (=be on an official list of a particular group)2 state your opinion [transitive] formalSAY/STATE to officially state your opinion about something so that everyone knows what you think or feel The delegation registered a formal protest with US embassy officials Wednesday.3 realize [intransitive usually in negatives, transitive]REALIZE if something registers, or if you register it, you realize or notice it, and then remember it She had told me her name before, but I guess it didn’t register. I’d been standing there for several minutes before he registered my presence.4 measurement [intransitive, transitive]TM if an instrument registers an amount or if something registers on it, the instrument shows that amount The thermometer registered 98.6°. The earthquake registered 7.2 on the Richter scale.5 show a feeling [transitive] formalSHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDE to show or express a feeling Her face registered shock and anger.6 mail [transitive] British EnglishTCM to send a package, letter etc by registered post Did you register the parcel?→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
registerRare roast beef should register 115 degrees in the center when tested.The jelly is ready for bottling when the thermometer registers 165 degrees.The biggest quake registered 5.2 on the Richter scale.All endoscopically proved ulcer relapses were then registered.We were left with a grab bag of effects, only a modicum of which registered.When does an agreement need to be registered?You had to register a baby's birth within a month.It was only when I mentioned the money that she registered a flicker of interest.Caitlin watched his face, which registered a mixture of alarm and astonishment.They claimed that the new rules would discourage people from registering as unemployed.She told me her name, but it just didn't register at the time.Wind speeds registering between 70 and 100 mph have been recorded.Seems back in the 1970s a young Egan once registered briefly as a Commie.More than 4.3 million people registered for shares.Hundreds of thousands have registered in the wake of the march, he said, including 30,000 in Atlanta alone.The faces of the jury registered no emotion.Dyson is the boat's registered owner.This will change the voltage at any porthole whose current line is affected, and the appropriate voltmeter will register the fact.Owners had until the end of 1990 to register their weapons.Oh, I'd registered when I was eighteen, like everyone else.The new students were told that they must register with the University before they could claim their grants.Call or write to the consumer affairs board to register your complaint.register forWhen do you have to register for classes?registered ... protestNine Republicans either registered a protest by voting for no one specifically, or voted for some one else.Having registered his protest, would Ray be content to sit down?