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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin civilis, from civis; CIVIC


civ‧il S2 W2
1 [only before noun] relating to the people who live in a country
civil war/disturbance/unrest etc (=fighting etc between different groups of people living in the same country)
civil liberty, civil rights
2 [only before noun] relating to the ordinary people or things in a country that are not part of military, government, or religious organizations:
They were married in a civil ceremony in May.
3 [only before noun]SCL relating to the laws about the private affairs of citizens, such as laws about business or property, rather than laws about crime [↪ civil law, criminal]:
Many civil cases can be settled out of court.
4 polite in a formal but not very friendly way [↪ civility]:
Try at least to be civil.