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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaqueductaq‧ue‧duct /ˈækwədʌkt/ noun [countable]  TECa structure like a bridge, that carries water across a river or valley
Examples from the Corpus
aqueductTheir social organization resulted in the building of bridges, roads, and aqueducts that still stand.A miniature aqueduct led water from the spring into a well at the garth's centre.This is a comparatively short section, in a beautiful setting, of an original aqueduct 25 miles long.The water, carried in pressure aqueducts and siphons, could arrive under its own power.She is associated with a bridge, a subterranean aqueduct and a magic distaff, one of the symbols of Athene.The city had built a great water-supply aqueduct to the Croton River and was imagining its future subway system.To their credit, they floodlight the aqueduct each night, such is its splendour.After another island with half blocked off by Hamstead Wharf there are two aqueducts.