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borebore2 ●●○ verb  1 [transitive]BORING to make someone feel bored, especially by talking too much about something they are not interested in He’s the sort of person who bores you at parties. a film that will bore its young audiencebore somebody with something I won’t bore you with all the technical details.bore somebody to death/tears (=make them very bored)2 [intransitive, transitive]TECTI to make a deep round hole in a hard surfacebore something through/into/in something The machine bores a hole through the cards.bore through/into To build the tunnel they had to bore through solid rock.see thesaurus at dig3 [intransitive + into]LOOK AT if someone’s eyes bore into you, they look at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
boreAnd it is not true that a girl decides in junior high that math is, like, so boring.Not just resistant to the pitter patter of bored kiddie feet but immune to assaults from the outside as well.There would be nothing more boring than the landslide that everyone predicted.Twin towers bore the arms of the railway companies emblazoned upon them.Those with earnings just above the tax threshold bore the heaviest burden of the flat rate tax as a proportion of income.bore somebody to death/tearsHe was fond of her, although she bored him to death.No, please no, you're not boring me to death.You can not do a film about the importance of a free press and bore you to death.bore through/intoMy damp eyes bored through him.Those with high energies, such as iron, would penetrate the craft and bore through human cells.The eyes of the other children bore through me.Posted in huge letters on classroom walls, the words bore into plebes.The drill is powerful enough to bore through solid rock.He bored into the core of our command and control business, and was particularly masterful in assessing deficiencies and correcting them.But that evening, pulp mill workers crept beneath the building and bored through the floor and into the barrels stored there.One of the drillers was told if drilling started he would be bored through the ground.They hatch out in 3-4 weeks and the larvae bore into the wood.