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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurveyorsur‧vey‧or /səˈveɪə $ sərˈveɪər/ noun [countable]  BOTBsomeone whose job is to examine the condition of a building, or to measure and record the details of an area of land quantity surveyor
Examples from the Corpus
surveyorMr Heddle was a former surveyor and an underwriting member of Lloyds.By late summer, Tanganyika Onean all-male contingent of surveyors and geologists-was in the host country.Nick, the ever-ready surveyor, whipped out his loaded camera and reeled off a few shots of the thief.Mr Cowen was promoted from the position of regional surveyor to that of divisional contracts surveyor.The tenant's surveyor should be consulted to advise on the risks to be covered should any doubt exist.The surveyor will therefore require a knowledge of the contracts available in order to advise his client.