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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_025_gbinbin1 /bɪn/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 ldoce_025.png British EnglishDHC a container for putting waste intrash can, waste paper basket Throw it in the bin. dustbin, litter bin2 BBTTIFa large container for storing things, such as goods in a shop or substances in a factoryCOLLOCATIONStypes of bina rubbish/waste binThe rubbish bin is full.a litter bin (=a bin in a public place)Please put all your rubbish in the litter bin.a wastepaper bin (=for paper you throw away)I threw the letter straight in the wastepaper bin.a pedal bin (=that you open by pressing a lever with your foot)There is a pedal bin in the bathroom.a wheelie bin (=a big bin on wheels kept outside a house)They come to empty the wheelie bins on Friday.a recycling bin (=for rubbish that you can recycle)Those plastic cartons can go in the recycling bin.verbsput/throw something in the bin (also chuck something in the bin informal)Shall I put this old bread in the bin?bin + NOUNa bin bag/liner (=that you use inside a bin to keep it clean)We need some more bin liners for the kitchen bin.the bin men (=the people who take your rubbish away)Which day do the bin men come?
Examples from the Corpus
binShe had been left covered by a black bin bag.Some designs have no control group comparison at all; these are referred to as quasi-experimental bins.Several cities set up drop-off bins.The vast majority of people in Thurrock took my advice and put the silly leaflet in the bin.Instead of routinely tossing frequent-flier program newsletters into the trash bin, peruse them for upcoming bargains.But then, with an exclamation of self-mockery, she went into the galley and brushed the hairs into the waste bin.A large wooden bin with slatted sides and a removable front is easy to make from timber.