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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclotheslineclothes‧line /ˈkləʊðzlaɪn, ˈkləʊz- $ ˈkloʊðz-, ˈkloʊz-/ noun [countable]  DHCa long thin rope on which you hang clothes to dry outdoors syn washing line British English
Examples from the Corpus
clotheslineA clothesline ran parallel to the back fence and Marina stood there hanging diapers.Shirts and sheets were fluttering from makeshift clotheslines.And then one day you discover a length of clothesline.He was in the backyard hanging the dripping wash on the sagging clothesline.Alma made them string clothesline around so she could stretch blanketing over him and down to the floor without its touching him.A Cabbage Patch doll dries on the clothesline.Benjy returned to the clothesline with three spongy, muddy clothespins.The clothesline creaked, then sagged closer to the ground.