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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmopmop1 /mɒp $ mɑːp/ noun [countable]  1 DHCa thing used for washing floors, consisting of a long stick with threads of thick string or a piece of sponge fastened to one end a mop and bucket2 DFUa thing used for cleaning dishes, consisting of a short stick with a piece of sponge fastened to one end3 [usually singular] informalDCBHBH a large amount of thick, often untidy hairmop of He ran a hand through his mop of fair hair.
Examples from the Corpus
mopAs he left his room, he noticed a mop and bucket sitting in a corner in the hallway.He was still carrying his mop and broom and wearing his brown overalls.As Robert watched, Aziz raised his mop and started a kind of semaphore in the direction of the Windmill.I saw a guy with a head the size of a bucket-the kind you put mops in.All the spawning mops were removed and I hoped to see a shoal of young Cardinal Tetras.Daily inspections of the tank will indicate a few fry hanging on the tank sides and others hiding in the mops.