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mopmop2 verb (mopped, mopping)  1 [intransitive, transitive]DHC to wash a floor with a wet mop She carried on mopping the floor.2 [transitive]DCB to dry your face by rubbing it with a cloth or something soft syn wipe It was so hot he had to keep stopping to mop his face. The doctor mopped his brow (=removed sweat from his forehead) with a handkerchief.3 [transitive]WASH to remove liquid from a surface by rubbing it with a cloth or something softmop something from something She gently mopped the blood from the wound. He mopped the sweat from his face.mop something away She mopped the tears away with a lacy handkerchief.4 mop the floor with somebody mop something/somebody ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
mopHe mopped at his chin, his attention turned inward.She sat on the bed, mopping his brow.A trainer mopped Norwood's face with a towel.The every so often it was mopped, the every so often sprayed.Dan has to mop the floor of the café every night.Barnabas sat down at once and gazed at him, mopping the garage floor with his tail.I just mopped the kitchen floor.Unfortunately, the weapon mopping up after the Cold War is very lethal, costs a few hundred bucks and is everywhere.A second equally good story describes mopping up an oil spill at sea.Run For Free led the charge in the £35,000 stamina test, and the Pipe supporting cast mopped up the minor prizes.Staff were mopping up today as Mr Alton held his usual surgery.