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rinserinse2 noun  1 DHCWASH[countable] when you rinse something I gave my hands a quick rinse.2 [countable, uncountable]DC a product you use to change the colour of your hair or to make it more shiny syn dye a blue rinse for grey hair
Examples from the Corpus
rinseRinse the can out twice with boiling water to remove all the extract and pour the rinse water into the pan.It's just a rinse, so I can wash the color right out.Indicator lights show when salt and rinse aid are low and an overfill protector reduces the risk of flooding.Add fabric softener during the final rinse.A sanitiser used to replace cleaning and disinfection still requires the final rinse and the standard achieved is likely to be indifferent.Limeflower - induces sleep; makes a fragrant conditioning hair rinse - brew as with the camomile rinse.Almost like the hair rinse commercial, she smiled to herself.It was as if the landscape had been dipped in a purple rinse and hung out in the sun to fade.Pass me your cup, and I'll give it a quick rinse.Not when they wrung out sheets so tight the rinse water ran back up their arms.