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soaksoak2 noun [singular]  1 DCBa long and enjoyable time spent taking a bath I had a good long soak in the bath.2 DHCWASH British English when you soak something Give the towels a good soak, they’re very dirty.3 an old soak
Examples from the Corpus
soakShe puts them in the washing machine, on long soak, and removes every trace.had ... soakHe claimed to have been painting; he also had trousers soaked in red lead.Sweat, rapidly cooling, had soaked his pyjamas.The Deans, retirees in their 60s, say firefighters had soaked the land near their house and saved it.Paul D looked at the spot where the grief had soaked him.If he had soaked this magic in as a child, then the faint outlines of Xanadu could be discerned.Like her riding dress, it had been soaked and roughly dried.The rain had soaked into his cloak as he slept, and it hung in heavy damp folds on his shoulders.Despite having been in the open for only a few seconds, they had been soaked.