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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsudssuds /sʌdz/ noun [plural]  DHCthe mass of bubbles formed on the top of water with soap in itsudsy adjective
Examples from the Corpus
sudsRemove stubborn marks by scrubbing lightly with a nail brush, using warm water and soap suds.This is a concept new to the auto industry but old hat to purveyors of soap, suds and soup.But it takes a mighty age to tell its tale and dives head-first into the soap suds along the way.She turned off the water and from the suds pulled out a broken plate.The strange tinge of male fingers in the suds.One reveller was already pouring bubble bath into a huge hot tub so he and his partner could frolic in the suds.Carefully, delicately he rinsed the suds from my body, and taking a bath sheet wrapped me in it.Crawford scooped up the suds in his hands and put them back in the machine - through the open door.