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swabswab2 verb (swabbed, swabbing) [transitive]  1 (also swab something ↔ down)TTWDHC to clean something using a large amount of water a girl who was swabbing the tiled floor with a mop2 MHto clean a wound with a small piece of special material→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
swabAt Twentieth and Blake he saw a man swabbing a garbage truck.He studied her face as she cleaned the skin of the boy's right shoulder and swabbed a patch with alcohol.As they leaned against a red brick wall, a portly prison system official swabbed at the sweat trickling into his collar.There was no time for emotion as the blood was swabbed away and she concentrated on the badly gashed cheekbone.She sits in a soft curve at her easel, gently swabbing away three centuries from a grumpy London sky.Isaac swabbed perspiration from above his haunted eyes with a rag he kept handy for cleaning the windshield.After a Pap smear is done, the doctor simply swabs vinegar on the cervix and shines the blue-white light on it.