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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcravatcra‧vat /krəˈvæt/ noun [countable]  DCa wide piece of loosely folded material that men wear around their neckstie
Examples from the Corpus
cravatHe wore a cravat and a dark, sober suit with wide lapels.For real tux deluxe you can add a spangly corset top, decorative waistcoat and a dandy cravat.Often worn with pale, open-necked sports shirts and dodgy cravats.Neither approached the tactical nous of cricket's most famous cravat wearer, Douglas Jardine.As a result, the traditional party outfit of flamboyant cravat and tweed jacket has been replaced by the ninety-nine-pound wool suit.The darker grey cravat made his eyes look bluer, his skin more tanned.Well, actually, he did spill some kind of goo all over his cravat at the Election-Day lunch at Allegro restaurant.It would just loosen its borders as Mulhoiland loosened his silk cravat and wrap itself around the San Fernando Valley.